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Featured Articles (3)

nyartmaninkslingerlowresTattoo Illustrator had the opportunity to sit down and talk with New York City's ledgendary tattooist Jeremy Garrett a.k.a. NYARTMAN.

T.I. : How did you get into the tattooing business?

J.G. : I started tattooing accidentally. I went to college at the School of Visual Arts, I was studying illustration and comic book design. When I was in college, I had a friend who wanted a tattoo and offered to buy me a starter kit if I would tattoo them. At this time, tattooing was illegal in NYC. I agreed eventhough I thought they were joking. When they actually bought the kit I then had to do the tattoo for them. I was completely stressed out because I didn't know anything at all about tattooing.


What are the hourly tattoo rates in your area.  If you got a tattoo this past year and were charged hourly, how much was the hourly rate?  Please list the city and state you got the work done but only if it was done in a tattoo shop or by a professional tattooists so, if you got a great deal by Scratchy Joe out of his garage, we're not interested.  It would be interesting to determine what the average tattooing rates are in various part of the world.  If you got the work done outside of the U.S. tell us the country, city and hourly rate.  If would great if you would only respond if you got tattooed based on an hourly rate or if you are a professional tattooist that charges by the hour. 


When looking to get a tattoo for the first time, many people are overwhelmed with so many possibilities. Most want a design that is unique and aesthetically pleasing. The typical tattoo parlor will have a catalog of design sheets, known as “flash”, which clients can choose from. These are usually very standard designs to help the client determine what type of artwork suits them best. While this is the typical of most tattoo shops, some employ custom tattoo artists who can create original tattoo designs to fit their client’s needs. Another great source for tattoo designs is the Internet. Now days there are several websites that specialize in providing a plethora of tattoo designs where one can most certainly find what they are looking for, no matter how unique or obscure the idea. Choosing a great custom design can be difficult since there are so many different styles of art and artists to choose from. Custom tattoo New York City tattoo artist Yuriy Fialko, of Gotham Tattoos, has a few tips for prospective tattoo collector.

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