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Tattoo Illustrator was created to introduce the general public to the incredible artistic talent that is out there in the tattooing industry. Without a doubt the present day custom tattoo artists are so of the world best draftsmen. Their work is awe inspiring and it is their work that has spawned the creation of this site. Any artist who has tried tattooing, if they're honest, will tell you tattooing is by far the most difficult media to work in. Not only are you dealing with a three dimensional canvas but it also moves and stretches and often times won't stay still. Producing a decent image in the flesh is an great accomplishment by itself but those few individuals that are actually able to produce custom one of a kind pieces of art that rival the best you'll see using traditional media are true art masters. They are the tattoo illustrators and it's about time society as a whole recognized their amazing talent. More frequently their work can be found in major art galleries across the world, but the best place to see these astonishing works of art is the flesh of humanity.  Whether you're tattoo illustrator, a collector or fan of tattoo art Tattoo Illustrator welcomes you.  We look forward to your assistance in helping to expose the world to extreme talent found in the tattooing community.


Tattoo Illustrator is a new online tattoo magazine.  Whether you love tattoos or design tattoos you have a home here at Tattoo Illustrator.  More than an online magazine, Tattoo Illustrator is a fulling interactive site built around its members.  A freakish experiment of the tattooing counter culture.  Feel free to post your favorite tattoo pictures and flash designs in your profile gallery.   Here the mysterious inked federation speaks and expresses itself. So the rest or you listen up!  We are in the process of setting up various categories where you can post your tattoos.  Whether they're are ones you sport, ones you rocked or ones you dig let's seem them.  If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know.  Your comments and participation will guild the development of Tattoo Illustrator.  Membership is free! Join now!

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